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3 Good Reasons To Use A HP NAS Server

Updated: September 8, 2017

HP NAS server solutions are ideal for the ever changing storage needs of enterprise level and large businesses. NAS (network attached storage) combines optimized software and HP rack mount and blade servers to create the industry standard for network storage technologies. NAS utilizes a collection of connected hard drives via a network. These networked drives allow multiple computers on the network to share storage space at the same time. State of the art, high-end storage that will grow efficiently with unstructured data storage requirements. Unstructured data consists of large files such as video, graphics, sound, documents, email, and backups. Any combination of these can form vast volumes of collected data that needs high-speed access. Cost-effective file-server solutions are available that will serve a company’s needs today, and far into the future. Meeting the challenge of consolidating large amounts of data are Hewlett-Packard’s network attached storage solutions. They suit changing IT environments while reducing costs, simplifying file handling and resource utilization, as well as implementing data security.

Ease of Use

HP NAS server storage solutions are designed and implemented to assist a business’s efforts to address storage challenges associated with the rapid expansion of content. The need for secure, efficient data storage, as well as fast access to information only increases over time. The server infrastructure must perform efficiently, reliably, and most importantly be scalable to match organizational growth, long into the future. Network attached storage takes multi-application processing capabilities to the next level, enabling a firm to share large volumes of a variety of data with multiple users on a network, with easy and efficient access.

Cost Reduction

Since an HP NAS server offers cost-effective upgradable storage solutions for mid-size to large companies that require affordable shared storage. They are ideal for the budget conscious IT department. The architecture of network storage is such that it is a robust design for expanding a firm’s existing investment in storage technology. Upgrading does not require adding larger, more expensive servers, just the seamless addition of extra hard drives. The implementation of used or refurbished servers offers additional savings. SourceTech offers, along with new products, high-quality used equipment that is thoroughly examined, cleaned, tested, and restored before marketing.

Data Security

By the simple addition of another drive in the HP NAS server, it is possible to expand available space on the network, when and if it is needed. Since these systems typically have more than one hard drive installed, they create logical, reliable, redundant storage backup. The result is greater data protection and recovery in the event of a catastrophic disk failure.

Companies that seek to take full advantage of HP NAS server options should consider partnering with a storage solutions firm that has a thorough understanding of current server technology and system environments. Firms such as SourceTech can implement established methodologies and help design or upgrade a storage environment that facilitates growth and decreases costs while keeping files secure, therefore reducing the risk of data loss.