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SourceTech is a leading provider of new and refurbished servers and server hardware in Texas, and can provide value-added services to businesses throughout the state. Although ordering products online has helped businesses and consumers alike in recent years, there are times when a business needs a little extra service and expertise. When ordering new or refurbished servers, there is no standardized solution, and businesses will always need to speak to an expert. So why not work with a local expert that will walk the company through every step of the process? Not only is that possible with SourceTech - strong service and an excellent price are possible as well.

Specifically, SourceTech can help with the following:

  • Answer the tough technical questions - When a company orders online, there is always that latent fear that comes with uncertainty. Will the hardware be configured properly? Does it meet the company’s needs? Can the business’s technicians set it up? We will have the answers for those concerns.
  • Provide peace of mind - Our hands-on approach throughout the process is a true difference maker, and ensures every client gets exactly what they need the first time. Whether a client needs refurbished servers or new servers, we have the solution.
  • Secure the hardware its clients actually want - Many advertised offers are outdated, no longer available, or a vehicle to get someone to a website. We quote every client individually and provide detailed estimates so the company can make an informed decision.

Who can SourceTech help?

  • we can help execute your projectLocal businesses - If the company’s headquarters, satellite office or IT center is located in Texas, we will assign a representative to the account to help provide budgeting, spec requirements, and build-out details. The benefits of an on-site representative can greatly help with the implementation phase.
  • IT Directors - We can assist an IT decision maker or project manager during a project. We will help put together the specs and numbers for reporting. It’s like having an extra employee with the ideal skill set, making it possible to deliver the project on-budget and on-time.
  • Any organization looking for refurbished or new servers - We aim to create a trusted relationship with all of our clients. Though SourceTech is based in Houston, we can assist any businesses in the Dallas, San Antonio and Austin areas as well. We offer all major server, storage and networking equipment brands.

Why choose SourceTech?

  • Certainty - From space requirements to proper ventilation to proper power supplies, we make sure no stone goes unturned when setting up a project. As a leading provider of new and refurbished servers, we know what challenges may be faced and how to overcome them.
  • Trust - Face-to-face meetings create trust, and SourceTech knows that partners that trust each other do better business together. We allocate human resources to projects because it makes business sense, and is something that the big corporations typically won’t do. By controlling overhead, we can remain nimble enough to provide targeted, on-site solutions to all of our clients.
  • Critical assistance - We are a valuable resource when it matters the most - during emergencies. When a server, storage or networking emergency strikes, remember that our clients will always have an expert on-call and ready to respond. At SourceTech, the relationship doesn’t end with the purchase, that’s where it begins.

What else can SourceTech do?

In addition to providing new and refurbished servers, we can help with the back-end portion of a project. When upgrading or converting systems, a secondary phase of the project is to reclaim some value from existing equipment. As a buyer of used IT equipment, we can offer the best value for hardware that is no longer needed. It’s a pain free way of transitioning away from outdated hardware, and means the business does not have to market the hardware, find one or more buyers, and ship the equipment out once it is sold.

Any company looking for the perfect Texas IT connection can find a reliable and knowledgeable partner in SourceTech.

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