Sun, HP & Dell Workstations

Sun and HP Workstations are globally known to be the high-end workhorses of the industry. Our used Sun and HP Z series workstations carry a 12 to 24 month warranty. Get long-term service and peak performance, at unexpectedly low price points from SourceTech. Choose from popular Sun Ultra, Sun Blade, Sun Ray and Sun Java configurations, as well as the blazing HP Z series workstation. OEM upgrade options and sunserver2 replacement parts are also available for current and legacy models.

Pay much less for the refurbished Sun and HP workstations you need for engineering applications such as CAD/CAM, desktop publishing, software development, computer visualization, 3D Imaging, virtualization, data analysis, or other types of applications requiring a moderate amount of computing power and relatively high quality graphics capabilities.

OEM-based stock system configurations are available. Systems with special purpose configurations can be purchased by special order. Our system builders update/upgrade Sun and HP workstations in-house for fast hp-logo-rnd turn-around times. All shipping options are available. Be sure to ask if your order qualified for free shipping.

We supply workstations that support UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems. Order your workstation optimized for the operating system and site-specific applications required. Get everything you need from one supplier. There is no need to call multiple dealers when you call SourceTech first.

Careful packing insures your equipment will arrive damage free. For pricing and quotes on new, used or refurbished Sun and HP workstations and equipment, call SourceTech sales or use our convenient quotation form.

Sun Workstations HP Workstations
Sun Ultra 20 Get a quote c3000 & 3005 Get a quote
Sun Ultra 20 M2 Get a quote XW6200 Get a quote
Sun Ultra 24 Get a quote XW6400 Get a quote
Sun Ultra 25 Get a quote XW6600 Get a quote
Sun Ultra 40 Get a quote XW8400 Get a quote
Sun Ultra 40 M2 Get a quote XW9300 Get a quote
Sun Ultra45 Get a quote Z200 SFF Get a quote
Sun Ultra 27 Get a quote Z220 Get a quote
Sun Blade 1500 Get a quote Z210 SFF Get a quote
Sun Blade 2500 Get a quote Z400 Get a quote
Z420 Get a quote
Z600 Get a quote
Z620 Get a quote
Z800 Get a quote
Z820 Get a quote

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