Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a list of frequently asked questions we receive from many of our customers.  It is important to make sure all of your questions are fully answered when making a big decision regarding your business or company.

What type of warranty do you offer?

Used and refurbished equipment carries up to a 12 month warranty unless otherwise noted.  Please refer to our terms of sales page to further answer any questions.

What is the difference between used and refurbished?

Used hardware has been owned by someone else while refurbished hardware is pre-owned hardware; however, has been submitted to rigorous testing, inspection and has been reset to the original factory settings.  Please see below for further specifics.

Used:  Previously owned and installed hardware.  Equipment has been cleaned and tested. Vendor Refurbished:  Used equipment which has been cleaned (possibly painted), tested w/updated firmware, professionally packed in generic box.
Manufacturer Refurbished:  Excess stock, demo, customer returns which has been re-certified by manufacturer.  Normally ships in NEW packaging, w/ all accessories and carries a manufacturer warranty.

What is the typical savings I can expect versus purchasing a new item?

As a general rule of thumb, customers can save up 40-50% on late model hardware (1-2 year old hardware), and up to 70-80% (3-5 year old hardware).

Why should I buy used / refurbished equipment?

Buying used and refurbished equipment from SourceTech is a safe bet for your business.  Along with the significant savings over NEW equipment, our equipment is thoroughly inspected and tested prior to shipping and much of our refurb inventory is in 'like new' condition.  Existing manufacturer warranties are often available to be passed on to the customer.

Does equipment come w/a guarantee or warranty?

All equipment purchased from SourceTech carries up to a 12 month advance parts replacement warranty.  If you have any hardware problem or issue, our technicians will help trouble shoot the problem and a part will be sent next day express.

Does SourceTech offer maintenance services?

SourceTech offers complete on-site maintenance services for all major equipment manufacturers.  We can provide a quote for mission critical same-day 24×7 coverage, or more economical next business day Mon-Fri 9 hour coverage.

How fast can SourceTech ship a part or a server?

Parts can be shipped same day if order is received by 1pm EST.  SourceTech can normally ship a server within 1-2 business days.  Larger order for multiple parts and servers may take as much as 3-4 days.

What are my payment terms?

Payment terms can vary based on customer.  Our preference is to close out each transaction with a full payment.  We can accept VISA/MasterCard, and American Express payments.  We can consider extending Net 30 terms upon receipt of our Credit Application/Sales Agreement.  We also accept wire transfer payments and can accept down payment deposits.

Where is Source Tech located?

SourceTech is located in Houston, Texas. We serve the entire United States as well as some other countries.

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