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  • Used Dell R620 Servers Stand the Test of Time

    Originally released in 2012, the Dell PowerEdge R620 is a rock-solid server engineered with the perfect combination of features and performance to handle tough workloads. Whether your business is enterprise-level business or a smaller data center, a refurbished Dell R620 is a great choice.

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  • Sun / Oracle Sparc T4-1 and T5-2 Servers

    The Oracle SPARC T4-1 and SPARC T5-2 servers are designed to offer cost and performance options with similar functionality. Both offer virtualization features, allowing provisioning of server resources on an as-needed basis. Hardware-based encryption technology on both lets software focus on performance. While both work hard as rack-mounted servers, the T4-1, with a single-threaded processor, provides basic compute power for everyday server needs in a 2U rack space, while the T5-2 offers scalability up to 32 cores in two T5 processors for a powerful, 3U datacenter server. Both include Oracle Solaris.

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  • HP ProLiant DL380 Gen8 Server Review

    If you're a small to medium sized business looking for a high performance server, look no further. The 8th generation HP DL380 released in 2012, features unmatched performance and enhanced configurations, making it one the most impressive servers in the ProLiant line. And if you're looking to save money without sacrificing quality, a used or refurbished ProLiant DL380G8 is an excellent choice.

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  • HP Servers For Small Businesses

    Most HP servers designed for small businesses are found in the brand’s Proliant line. There are many Proliant models to choose from, some of them designed in a rack form factor and some of them designed as blades. 

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  • Why HP Is Now 2 Companies

    In early November, Hewlett-Packard made the decision to split into a pair of businesses, leaving a lot of industry members asking "why is HP now two companies?" Some experts who follow the industry closely are less surprised and even a little skeptical, though there is potential that it turns into a brilliant move for the brand. After more than a decade of turmoil at the top of the legendary PC giant, that could be a major breath of fresh air. But what does it mean for consumers? Probably not much, at least in the near term. In the long term, though, it could have a significant impact on the brand’s product lines.

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