• HP BL460c Gen 9 vs. Gen 10

    The HP Gen X line of servers are industry leaders in accelerating data center performance and managing hybrid workloads. If your business is looking to boost performance, maintain scalable options and handle virtualization capabilities with increased efficiency, the HP BL460C Gen 9 and Gen 10 servers are a top choice.

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  • Dell PowerEdge R640 vs R740

    The Dell PowerEdge line of servers are industry favorites and among the most effective at managing data center workloads. These servers combine excellent memory capacity, superior application performance, and data security to keep your everyday business functions running smoothly.

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  • The Importance of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

    As more businesses rely on integrated technology systems to facilitate operations across the entire organization, they also need to recognize the importance of disaster recovery. 

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  • Virtualization and Hybrid Computing – Two High Priorities for IT Managers in 2017

    The next wave of resource flexibility in IT has arrived. System managers in virtualization-aware organizations are using software tools to provision capacity in minutes from a commodity-based datacenter. 

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  • Enterprise IT Security

    It’s no revelation that the world is becoming more dependent on technology, making the role of IT security more important than ever before. Many companies today are still storing data that is crucial to their day-to-day operations on their own servers or with third party vendors. It’s staggering how many personal records are stolen and the amount of data that is breached through point of sale systems, third party systems and unencrypted data -  yet it’s the same systems that we have invested all our trust in to keep our data safe.

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