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  • What Does A Dell File Server Do For Businesses?

    Enterprise level to larger businesses with multiple remote users can use a Dell file server for the establishment of streamlined control over crucial data, file sharing, and print services. A server setup is a logical step for companies that want better data organization and better access to shared information. Companies need a systematic and consistent way to track, share, and store files. With a server, there is a centralized area for storing data. This makes it conveniently easy to search for, find, maintain version control, and keep files well-organized. File storage, access, security, backup, and easy recovery should be at the top of every businesses to-do list.

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  • Top Server Brands

    There are several top server brands that can provide a business with the infrastructure they need for their network. Dell, HP, Cisco, and Oracle all offer excellent hardware options, combining superb reliability with the most current customization and software choices. And, of course, they are the fastest and most scalable products around, so they can be fitted into any business application, no matter its size or nature. But perhaps the most impressive element of these products is their longevity. Whereas inferior hardware will become obsolete within a few years of its production, a premium manufacturer builds its equipment to last. This means that used and refurbished versions of the hardware can still provide excellent performance.

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  • Tips On Buying A Server

    The ultimate goal when buying a server is finding that perfect intersection of performance and price. Adding onto the company's network infrastructure is a major commitment, and one that requires a lot of thought before a decision is made.

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  • Sans Storage Arrays Are Self Contained Systems

    SAN storage arrays are self-contained disk systems, providing excellent data handling capabilities in an efficiently organized system. This technology is a marked step beyond the traditional method of managing data, which is maintaining a disk attached to each server on the network. In effect, a company can consolidate its disks into a single, logical setup. This is naturally much easier to manage, so network admins can backup data more easily and keep data from becoming fragmented, which is a common issue with individually managed disks.

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  • NAS Storage Arrays Are An Affordable Storage Solution

    NAS storage arrays are a popular option for businesses that need to add onto their data handling capabilities, and to do it without exploding an IT budget. These devices are dedicated entirely to maintaining one or more drives, each of them capable of holding hundreds of GBs of data. It is, compared to traditional servers, a rather simple device and can be managed even without the help of an IT expert. And because it is accessible through the company’s network, anyone with authentication can access the company’s data from anywhere, as long as they have a connection. It’s this extra accessibility, in addition to the impressive data handling, that makes these devices a top choice for businesses of any size.

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