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  • HP Servers For Small Businesses

    Most HP servers designed for small businesses are found in the brand’s Proliant line. There are many Proliant models to choose from, some of them designed in a rack form factor and some of them designed as blades. 

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  • Why HP Is Now 2 Companies

    In early November, Hewlett-Packard made the decision to split into a pair of businesses, leaving a lot of industry members asking "why is HP now two companies?" Some experts who follow the industry closely are less surprised and even a little skeptical, though there is potential that it turns into a brilliant move for the brand. After more than a decade of turmoil at the top of the legendary PC giant, that could be a major breath of fresh air. But what does it mean for consumers? Probably not much, at least in the near term. In the long term, though, it could have a significant impact on the brand’s product lines.

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  • PowerEdge R710 Server And Management System Specifications

    Dell PowerEdge ServersThe PowerEdge R710 was released in the middle of 2009 and was intended to compete against HP’s Proliant DL380. This model is similar to the R610, which garnered rave reviews when it was released in the same year. Fortunately, Dell has taken the same care with its 2U rackmount server, providing the same standout features and design that give system administrators a lot of flexibility in how they manage their infrastructure.

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  • Specifications For The PowerEdge R610

    Dell PowerEdge ServersThe PowerEdge R610 was released in 2009, and it was much lauded back then. It's still a perfectly viable piece of hardware for nearly any role, and as it is built in a rackmount form factor, so it can scale up quickly to provide the needed level of performance. Dell has always been an industry leader along with HP, but this model was the class of the industry in 2009, and that's because it combines excellent performance, smart construction, and robust management packages.

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  • Why Is The Power Edge Server Line Venerated?

    There are several top hardware brands to choose from, and among them is the venerated PowerEdge server line. Established more than 20 years ago, this line of equipment remains one of the most popular among businesses of all sizes, including those running enterprise applications. Because it is so well supported, the line is constantly being added onto. This gives business owners and IT managers a chance to procure hardware that can provide all of the performance as a new model, but at a greatly reduced price.

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