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  • The HP NAS Server Should Be Considered For A Business

    The HP NAS server architecture is a powerful and proven technology for storing and sharing data in a network environment. It is expandable via the installation of additional inexpensive hard disks, making it an attractive storage and backup system that will not break an IT budget. It is perfect for mid-size to large companies that need affordable storage that will grow as the company does. Used and refurbished models are available from companies such as SourceTech at even greater savings. These units are rigorously tested, cleaned up, and refurbished if needed before they go on the market. Hewlett-Packard servers are high-quality products that have a solid reputation and are made to last. Even used devices are durable and will provide years of superb service.


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  • What Does The Win Server Offer Businesses?

    The Win server family of products has been developed steadily over the years, and now encompasses many systems. Although Microsoft doesn’t have much of a presence in the hardware market, it has built dozens of software systems that can give a company excellent flexibility in how they manage their operations and network. And many of these products interact with other Microsoft products as well, which helps build a comprehensive production environment during every step of a project’s progress.

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  • Used Computers Offer An Affordable Solution For Companies

    When a company opts for used computers, they aren’t opting for inferior or unreliable technology. With a reputable refurbishment professional, it’s just the opposite. PCs need to be replaced regularly, and especially when an office is full of commodity machines. Basic, standard issue PCs outlive their usefulness rather quickly, even though they are only intended for general office tasks. However, a company doesn’t have to keep repeating the cycle with lesser hardware, as a refurbishment expert can often provide better components at a lesser price, extending the useful life of the system.

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  • Used Computers For Sale Should Always Be Considered

    If a company can find used computers for sale, it should consider this hardware a viable option. Refurbished PCs are not some obsolete, broken down pieces of equipment that serve no purpose. In fact, refurbished hardware is just as reliable when maintained by a reputable expert, and will provide all of the digital muscle a company needs. But what really makes this option an attractive one is the cost savings, because they can be impressive.


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  • What Does A Server Do

    For many company managers, the first question when upgrading a network is “what does a server do?” And the simple answer is – just about anything a company needs from their network. As a business grows and adds more people to its ranks, relying on peer to peer connections becomes a liability. Direct connections from one workstation to another are susceptible to security risks, and they are inefficient and unreliable. It’s an untenable situation eventually, and the best alternative is bringing in a dedicated network resource manager. That’s what this hardware offers.

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