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  • 5 Reasons Why Used Sun Servers Are A Good Investment

    Opting for used sun servers can provide companies with more adequate and reliable hardware then when you buy new equipment. Here are 5 big reasons to choose refurbished over new servers

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  • What Is Server Maintenance And Why Is It Needed?

    One of the questions a business may ask when looking for a piece of hardware is what is server maintenance? It’s an important concept to get down, as it can greatly affect what hardware a business owner should purchase, and how that hardware will be protected once installed. When a company brings in new equipment, it may come with a contract that outlines how the hardware will be managed by technical personnel. It’s essential that a business reviews these terms before settling on a piece of equipment, and work with a dealer to get an arrangement that works best for the business.

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  • How Does A DNS Server Function

    A DNS server functions as a means for distributed devices to access domain names and browse the internet. Simply put, websites are identified by a set of numbers called IP addresses. IP stands for Internet protocol, and an IP address looks something like this: To keep track, these IP addresses are collected in a database that resides on a series of computers called domain name servers (DNS). When a person accesses a website, the DNS matches the name website with the correct IP address, and then delivers the site content to the browser. Without a DNS system in place, the internet would be difficult to access. The sheer number of websites runs in the 100s of millions. Keeping up with IP addresses would be close to impossible without a DNS.

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  • What Does An Exchange Server Do For Companies?

    What does an exchange server do? The answer is in the name. Microsoft’s mail and message handling technology has been around for many years, and is now a robust, multi-layered system that can serve as a holistic approach to managing a company’s contacts and schedules. Its newest version, released in 2010, combines five components into a single system that work in harmony to efficiently receive, sort, deliver, and organize a variety of communications, from mail to voice messages.

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  • What Are The Differences Between A Blade Server And A Rack Mount Server?

    Blade servers and a rack mount servers offer advantages and disadvantages. Both types of servers are extremely functional and perform well. Deciding between the two isn’t so much a matter of which one will get the job done, but more on the individual needs of a company. There are price differences, different physical space requirements, and different functions. Choosing the right type is crucial for a streamlined, cost-effective, data center. Enterprise and larger companies with extensive budgets and plenty of physical space can make better use of rack mounts. They are large and take up more real estate than blade servers, but they are scalable and are standard for most large-scale operations. If space is an issue, blade servers might be the better solution because they are more compact and require less room.

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