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  • New Servers

    As a business grows and its need for additional resources increases, a new server is an inevitability. Logistics experts recommend replacing hardware every few years to keep up with improvements in the industry and maintain adequate network performance. That may sound like a lot of hardware turnover, but consider the extreme wear put on such hardware. The company’s network must be up every hour of every day, which means maintaining a constant electrical flow and dealing with temperature swings, humidity, dust, and other hazards. Even if the hardware is kept in a clean room, it’s unreasonable to expect more than a few years of strong performance from something that works non-stop. And, of course, the upside to frequent replacement is that the business will be able to grow faster and maintain excellent efficiency.

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  • What Makes HP Blade Servers So Popular

    HP blade servers are designed to be as flexible as possible, and can fit into nearly any network application. They are found in small and medium business settings, and also form the backbone for some big data initiatives. Every piece of equipment is a self-contained server, and fits into a separate enclosure that houses the modular units. Because they are self-contained, they are hot swappable and can be slotted into a system and brought up to speed right away. There is no need to worry about cooling or power subsystems, as they are built into the enclosure.

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  • Ideal Servers For Small Businesses

    The ideal server for a small business will be cost effective above all else. Yes, the hardware will need to provide a respectable performance baseline, and it will need to be scalable to some extent, but finding the right combination of price and performance is the ultimate goal. Fortunately, there are many options for a company owner to choose from, and owners can always go with refurbished equipment instead. Refurbished hardware can provide a perfect network infrastructure solution for most companies, regardless of their size.

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  • What Is An Exchange Server & What Does It Do For Businesses?

    When an IT expert refers to an exchange server, they are usually alluding to Microsoft’s mail and message managing technology, which has been added onto extensively over the years. Now, it is a highly robust, comprehensive communications system that can fit into any business environment, including those that have to link together hundreds of employees. Microsoft’s latest iteration of the technology, its 2010 version, combines three layers of architecture to ensure seamless performance and efficient message delivery. This multi-layered approach also promotes strong security and keeps everything organized.

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  • Reasons An Entry Level Server Should Be Considered

    When a small business is looking to improve their network they should always consider an entry level server. A company can find these new, used, or refurbished.

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