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  • What Is An Exchange Server & What Does It Do For Businesses?

    When an IT expert refers to an exchange server, they are usually alluding to Microsoft’s mail and message managing technology, which has been added onto extensively over the years. Now, it is a highly robust, comprehensive communications system that can fit into any business environment, including those that have to link together hundreds of employees. Microsoft’s latest iteration of the technology, its 2010 version, combines three layers of architecture to ensure seamless performance and efficient message delivery. This multi-layered approach also promotes strong security and keeps everything organized.

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  • Reasons An Entry Level Server Should Be Considered

    When a small business is looking to improve their network they should always consider an entry level server. A company can find these new, used, or refurbished.

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  • What Is A DNS Server And How Is It Used For A Business

    For those who do not know, a DNS server is a computer that is set up and registered to become part of the domain name system (DNS). The domain name system is the technology behind the public names of Internet domains and websites. They are the readable website addresses that we interact with on a daily basis. When a person searches with Google or another search engine, and the results are returned, cached under all of the descriptive text and links are the domain names of the websites that are listed. A DNS server is an element, and an essential component at that, of the overall process that makes it possible for sites to display in a web browser.

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  • Comparing The Cost Of A Server

    When looking at the cost of a server there are many variables that are taken into consideration. Seeking out a refurbishment expert could help in helping reduce these costs. 

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  • Determining The Best Small Business Server To Use

    The best small business server is one that perfectly merges affordability and performance. While few companies can afford to waste money on equipment that goes beyond its needs, modestly-sized companies are particularly sensitive to major expenditures. A top processor and lots of memory is nice to have, but it is often excessive for basic applications, and the additional performance costs extra as well. That’s why these company owners should consult with a trusted hardware dealer, as this will ensure the company gets a strong deal on the perfect equipment for their needs.

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